Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Week 5 Blog 2

My target audience seems to be people with emotional issues both good and bad.
  On Instagram my target audience is 55% men and 45% women.  The ages are from 25 to 34.  I find it interesting that if I have 30 impressions I will only have 5-6 people that will engage.   I have a few dedicated followers and they all have very positive comments.  Oh the other hand I have never received a negative comment.  I find that very interesting and aggravating at the same time. 
I think with this class the lectures and feedback will be very helpful for me to promote my project to better understand who my target audience is.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Week 5 post

I am very familiar with both Chili's and Teri Cafe.  I have been going to both restaurants for years.
I think Chili's website has more options for the customers to order their food.   Chilis website is geared to help customers decide if they want to order online for curbside or takeout which is easiest for the customer.   Chilis is well known to a broader audience with their theme song and their chili logo.  Chilis has a many more options on their menu to choose from compared to Teri cafe which caters more toward asian food.  I find Teri Cafe to be quaint and geared more toward local visitors.
Teri Cafe is family owned while Chilis is a nation wide corporation.  Both websites have some fun facts on their about page, although I find Chilis about us is on the bottom of the home page making it harder to locate.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Week 4 Blog

  1. Why are they effective? 
  2. What specific principles of good design do they include and why?
  3. What makes you come back again?
  4. What could be improved?

 The website I use quite often is  I find out of all the news websites there are, gives me the information I am looking for.  Their format is very clean and easy to navigate.  The website is designed to have many different aspects of news from local, world and entertainment. The front page is set up with information pertaining to each individuals reads.
I think they can cut down on the amount of pop up ads.

Another website I most often use is I have been using ebay for many years as a consumer and a seller.  I find the simplicity of their website to be an advantage for everyone whether your shopping or selling.   On ebay a seller is able to promote their brand without having to get approval from the company.  Other companies request that you get approval to sell some goods.
Ebay sellers can set their own prices with the flexibility to control their prices and goods they promote.  Their are many unique items you can find along with various prices. 

I commented on Dustin and Sujatha

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blog Week 4 Post One

The two websites I was most impressed with:

I found Apples website to be very attractive.  It is simple and clean allowing their products and brand to be the main focus of their website.   The menu bar is pleasing to the eye making it easy to navigate.
Apple is on of the biggest leaders in the industry and has made other businesses want to know their secret to their success.


I found National Parks Service to be visually accessible.  With the latest news and history about national parks.  The website gives you many resources and education to check out.  I think the information and photography is what makes the website pleasing to the eye.  If I were looking for a national park to go to this is the website I would choose.

The two websites that need improvement:


I find Gates and Fences to be a bit confusing.  I am not sure where to start looking when looking at the home page.  Although information is good to have, I think this one may have too much information going on.   There is too much to look at making it hard to know if your choosing the right product.  The navigation bar is not aligned making it look unprofessional.  I think if they tine down the font and less information the website would me more attractive.


 The first impression I get with Rover Car Parts is a very complicated, it makes me nervous. 
 The graphics are all over the place hiding much of the information about the cars.   I am not sure if they are selling cars, parts or both.  I find the descriptions are far too much too read and there are various fonts through out the site.   

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Week 3 part 2

Social Media Week 3 Part 2

#1- The Knoggen Family Book

7 views on Youtube since August 2017


Their last post on Instagram was July 2017 with only 7 views

The Knoggin Family is a creative children's book that has created a way to bring structure into the

I have been following The Knoggin Family on Instagram for a while.  At first they were very active. Since last year they have not been consistent with their postings. 

They sell books on Amazon.

#2- the_bipolar_barbie- motivational speaker for mental illness

Last post on Instagram 2/12/18

69.3K followers on Instagram

35K followers on Facebook

 I think she is using her social media accounts in a very positive way for others to feel less alone There are several postings on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook daily.

This is a story about someone with mental issues that is documenting her journey to wellness on social media.   I think she is using her social media accounts in a very positive way to help other people in a similar situation to feel less alone.

#3- Laura Littles Candies

Last post on Instagram 2/12/18 with 82 views on their video for valentines day

278 followers on Instagram/ 223 posts since Jan. 11, 2105

Facebook followers 757 last post 2/12/18- 11 likes, 4 shares and 100 views

 I have known the Little family for about 5 years they are a brick and mortar company located in Kansas City since 1970.   Laura Little is known for their finest candies and fudge.

I have noticed they do very little social media with the exception of holidays.  I wasn't able to access their social media platforms from the website. Based on what I saw when I did find them on Facebook and Instagram they have loyal followers.

#4-Red Cross

Last post 2/12/18

Instagram followers 102k/ 646 posts/last post 2/12/18 with 410 likes
Facebook has many community pages from all over the world

 I have found that the Red Cross has many different avenues of social media. They have a platform that has a presence in nearly every community.   Making it easy for anyone to access their resources.

#5 Blended Emotions - -

Last post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 2/13/18

125 followers on Instagram
65 followers on Facebook
51 followers on Twitter

Blended Emotions posts is my way for me to help others with everyday's rollercoaster of emotions.
Emotions can be an important strategy by coping with life's negative and positive feelings.
I am hoping that I am able to utilize this in a way that helps people know they are not alone.

I use Instagram and Facebook for all of my posts.  I find it interesting how many views and impressions I get vs. how many people interact and like the posts.

I have found that the more interactive you are with social media the more successful your business will be.    Every opportunity a business has to increase their brand is invaluable to reach a larger audience.  Social media has many opportunities to gain incredible engagement with customers as long as its content is exciting, unique or useful. 

In my own experience with social media I am realizing that I must be more interactive to gain more followers.   I think this class will guide me in the right direction.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 3

I commented on Dustin Miller, Irene Vasquez and Annabelle Estefano

Friday, February 9, 2018

Week 3 

I have had many positive and negative experiences with social media.  As a business owner I believe communication is key to any business whether its responding to an email, review or phone call as long as its done within a timely manner.  

I have had customers give good and bad reviews on Yelp and the BBB.  The first thing I will do is follow up with a response in an email, and then a follow up with a phone call.   I feel it is very important when responding to a customers complaint we need to make sure they feel they are important to us and we want to solve their issue.  

One of the advantages I have experienced with using social media is the impact networking has.  
Such as Yelp, Angies List, Better Business Bureau, Etc.  
Social media has made it easier for businesses  to communicate with from all different areas.  It has a big role in how business are run today compared ten years ago when paper ads were the biggest form of advertisement.

As much social media has made it easier for people to communicate from different areas, it has also has a negative impact on the way people communicate as well as their communication skills.  
Some of the negative effects of social media on communication is limiting face to face between individuals making it an informal situation.